WATCH: Don’t Miss Newest Episode of BEST Kosher Cooking Competition

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New episode is LIVE! The ultimate kosher cooking competition, Skill’it West Coast. Featuring 4 talented chefs, experienced judges, and so much delicious food.

This time, only 3 chefs are left. They must draw on all their skill to meet the latest challenge, overcome cooking mishaps and injuries, and stay in the running for the next round. The clock is ticking. But not everyone will make it….

Let the battle begin.
Click here to watch the show of the summer:


  1. Ok here we go commenters!
    Comment #1
    “This is so sad. How can this website profess to be frum and promote goyish style shows!”
    Comment #2
    “Maybe you should have an asifa!”
    Comment #3
    “I think this is amazing. Finally, a kosher outlet!”
    Comment #4
    “Chopped is better”

    And so on and so forth. If you’re on this site then your part of the problem and if you think this is a good thing then watch this and stop watching regular TV. Either way 2019 is a pretty cruddy time for us spiritually. Let’s hope we can have a Yeshua and detach ourselves from our addiction to secular culture soon.

  2. Elon Gold should of worn a yarmulke out of respect. He might not be frum but he upset me as well as countless others by drinking the wine without a beracha or yarmulke. Pour choice of host.

  3. When I was growing up in the early 80s the only competition kids had was a mishnayos baal peh. Where have we gone wrong?

  4. Don’t love the goyish judges either.

    Moshe nafisi i love your style and i just feel so sorry for your cut and therefore forgetting the vegetables


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