Watch: Dr. Zev Zelenko Responds to Letter from Kiryas Yoel Against His COVID-19 Activism




  1. Thank you, Dr. Zelenko, for granting mechila. This is exactly what the ANTI-VIRUS INITIATIVE is all about. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE ANY MACHLOKES AT THIS CRITICAL TIME! Tefillos and tehillim may not be accepted if we have machlokes!

    Hatzalacha rabbah, Dr. Zelenko!

  2. Thank you doctor. May HKB”H grant you special siyata dishmaya in your continued effort to be marbeh kavod shomayim!

    • Dr. Zelenko is following the treatment protocol established by French Prof Raoult who has been using this regime since Mar 1. Raoult is the one who should be nominated!

  3. If so many doctors are reaching out to him, he’s in touch with the highest levels of govt, and the ministry of health has a meeting with him, why does he need YouTube?
    Matzav have some journalistic integrity.


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