WATCH: Dramatic Video Shows Moment Lightning Strikes Behind Statue Of Liberty

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A breathtaking video taken during Wednesday’s thunderstorm shows the moment lightning strikes behind the Statue of Liberty.

The 21-second clip posted to Twitter shows dark grey clouds hanging above Lady Liberty, with a massive strike disappearing behind her pedestal. The scene was filmed from a dock on Ellis Island.

Read more at New York Post.



  1. In the comments section of this You Tube video at 11:45 EDT today Glen Malecki wrote “God, if you could just give us some sort of sign that America is on the wrong path.” (He is being ironic of course, but he is actually alluding to an important truth.)

    And that is that G-d has been warning many countries, including the USA, very clearly and via the aegis of a certain person for at least seven years now about the need for various leaders to “change their ways”.

    My pinned tweet on my Twitter account is about New York City. The same city featured in this video of dramatic lightning strike on the Statue of Liberty:

    Pinned Tweet WorldPeace2050 @AdamNeira Feb 27, 2019 Coming Soon: PART TWO of The Revelation of the True Identity of the #Hilazon and #Tekhelet

    Turquoise Light in the Night Sky – NYC (Duration 3 mins 40 secs.) 21:05 ET Thurs. 27/12/2018 2128

    @Netanyahu @IL_police @cogatonline @IDF @Lubavitch @TorahJews

    It has been my pinned tweet since 27/2/2019 because that remarkable event was a clear out-of-the-box “Message from on High” that I recognied for being as such.

    It did no major harm. It confused yet entranced many people, yet it was clear, obvious and beautiful in its power. Like the aliens in the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still’ warning the people to change their ways in a not so dangerous way before they really had to ratchet up the warnings. (In Biblical/Jewish terms think of the progressive, escalating threat/danger of the Ten Plagues. G-d tried, via Moses, to warn Pharaoh nicely, but through arrogance and pride he resisted. G-d had to break him or else history could not progress.)

    Take note… SARSCOV2 manifested/emerged in Hubei, China in Oct. 2018. The Index Patient followed, then human to human transmission and the disease it causes COVID19 named. The rest is history as they say.

    “Since disease was considered the natural sequel to sin, only repentance could prevent its occurrence once some wicked deed was perpetrated.” Maurice Bear Gordon


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