Watch: Driver in Brooklyn Cuts Off Traffic By Driving On Sidewalk, Nearly Hitting Child

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A driver in Brooklyn who had enough of the traffic took to the sidewalks to save time – and almost hit a kid.

In the video below, taken by a security camera in front of a school, a car is seen edging its way forward on a sidewalk as the street seems to be completely backed up by buses. The car is forced to make a shortstop during his off road route, when a child walks right in front of his path. The child seems shocked by the appearance of the car but continues to walk towards the school building unharmed.

The car then moves forward and out of the cameras view, seemingly without causing any further damage.

One report came to the defense of the rule breaking driver, explaining that the car passenger was a woman who was in labor and needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.



  1. Woman in labor???! She should of called 911, Hatzalah, Ezras Nashim, Chaveirim, etc… She had no business driving and there is certainly NO heter to kill an innocent child on the way to the ER.

    • The woman in labor was a passenger, not the driver. Learn to read and then learn the laws of Chofetz Chaim to be dan lekaf zchus. Perhaps the driver was a hatzalah member? Or they called and they couldn’t pass because of the traffic. Nobody was killed, ok?

  2. One time my car was parked in front of a church and there was a whole row of double parked cars blocking everyone in. I called up my local precinct (34) and they told me to drive on the sidewalk.

  3. CHILL EVERYBODY!!!! What would you do? And he didn’t kill anyone! What would you say if he waited and then his wife died in childbirth?

    • “Didn’t kill anyone”
      What a dumb stupid comment to make. You clearly see little innocent Yiddishe kinderlach going into their school building. There is no reason for them to fear some asshole is driving on the sidewalk. This selfish lady’s life is more valuable than these innocent Yiddishe kinderlach?! You obviously don’t have young children. Who the hell does she or her dumb husband think they are?! If it was a clear emergency, they should of called Hatzalah.

  4. I can’t believe that the Police can’t identify the car from the video. He should be locked up and his license taken away
    Where is the NYPD when you need them? Out writing tickets?

  5. 1. why did the rebbi not usher the kids back onto the bus out of harm’s way
    2. or, why didn’t the rebbi body block the car to allow the kids to cross just as crossing guards do
    3. or, why didn’t the rebbi take a bat or something and start smashing the windows and hood- new york style
    4. AND why was the pro with the camera phne doing just that instead of any of the above

  6. This is not surprising. I live in the heart of BP. There are cars parking on the sidewalk next to one of the bigger shuls while the driver is presumably inside davening.

    People in this neighborhood think laws don’t apply to them. They park in front of fire hydrants, in bus stops etc. They will block the crosswalks and fail to yield to pedestrians.


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