Watch: Elizabeth Warren On Trump: “He Sounded Like A Two-Bit Dictator”

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Left-leaning Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren sounded off on Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, telling Stephen Colbert she thinks the candidate’s comments were unbecoming of a man running for the highest office in the land.




  1. I find this extremely funny because I had started calling Mr. Pence “two-bit” last week.

    The words of liberty are indeed a fate that all futures will know.

    G-d is true and when he has families that must strengthen the world humanity is always every person is right.

    Give it time. Trump loses. Time is kept safe.

    Interesting blond given Warren’s fit mind. It missed the joke but tried to take the credit.

    Trump and Two-bit will go down in history as bum hip hate. Minds thank the L-rd in the future as the liberty continues.

    This has vindication minded.


  2. These democRATs are good at tearing down republicans at every little nonsense. The Democratic Party are now a bunch of left leaning israeli as well as Torah haters. The likes of Bernie sanders to Al Shapthon are the front soldiers of the democrats. Any frum yid voting for such a party should have their heads examined. Imagine the Supreme Court judges the liberal democrats will appoint if they win. Yeshivas will be forced to teach evolution and toieva miseducation to elementary kids or face severe slashes in funding. The evil agenda that these atheistic bums have up their sleeves is frightening. It’s becoming a sodom. I spoke to a number of police officers who now don’t rush to fast to crime scenes like robberies or burglaries. They feel if they shoot the crook in self defense they will end up on the front pages and be prosecuted. Better to arrive after the burglar or holdup man escapes his attack. Why risk confrontation when the liberal democratic system has turned anti Police. Every one I know here in boro park is voting Trump. Many are afraid to say it publicly but between close friends they all admit Hillary would be a disaster for Israel and not allow any housing construction beyond the green line. Jews in Israel are in desperate need of housing and are limited because of the Obama pressure on Israel’s government.

  3. Warren is just a sore loser. She is still upset she wasn’t chosen as the VP. At this point Nobody, even the Democrats, cares what she has to say. You weren’t chosen. Go home. Talk about sour grapes?


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