Watch: Ex-FBI Official: Mueller Driving Toward Bigger Indictment


Former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker says changes to Trump’s legal team appear to be ‘driven by a little bit of panic’ by the president.



  1. Before Mueller continues with his Russian collusion indictments and wasting more taxpayer’s money, he should please advise us what law would Trump have committed if Russian indeed interfered in the election and why he’d have to be impeached?

    If there is such a Sodomite law, will there be emergency new elections because the other candidate, the Criminal-in-Chief Hillary, who received billions of dollars from China and Saudi Arabia to manipulate the elections, and $500 million from Russia for her Uranium scandal will certainly not be able to replace him.

  2. These leftists are making a big mistake. If Mueller or Schiff somehow manage to throw Trump out, Mike Pence becomes the President automatically. No election necessary. Pence is MUCH more conservative than Trump will ever be. Pence is a true God fearing upstanding moral person. I would love for him to be our President. The dumb stupid liberals better be very careful what they ask for.


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