Watch: Failed Candidate Bernie Sanders Again Calls President Trump a ‘Pathological Liar’

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In an interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tells Chuck Todd that he would like the Democratic Party to be more open to voters.




  1. He is such a worthless piece of garbage what is the last time you found any politician who try to do as much of what he said as Trump has

  2. We have to change the constitution to make term limits mandatory across the board. We can’t have old dopes like Sanders & Feinstien stick around until their dying day.

  3. All right, let the name calling begin.
    One is a “pathological liar”, although Hillary already laid her permanent claim to that term.
    The other is a senile delusional fool, whose ideas have absolutely zero connection to reality.

    The difference is that one is the President of the United States, while the loser is a senator from a state that most cannot find on the map.

  4. There is a very quick way of having term limits and it does not take an act of congress– IT IS CALLED STOP VOTING FOR THESE JERKS and you will have term limits. Congress will never vote for their own out, you have to remember congress is now a birth to death right so STOP VOTING FOR THESE PEOPLE and you will have guaranteed term limits. What they promise you during election cycles are usually called kissing up to the voters, then they have amnesia when it is time to take office. STOP VOTING FOR THEM use knowledge not laziness.


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