Watch: Farage, ‘We Don’t Just Want Words On Terror, We Want Action’


European Parliament member speaks out on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’



  1. Can anybody explain how you have 20,000 people on the radar as radical that r allowed the country. That doesn’t sound to me like anybody’s really doing anything other than cheap talk

  2. UK needs a Thatcher or a Churchill again, it sounds like the UK is working the PC (political correctness) no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings so they rather be bombed, knifed, burned, etc. so no ones feelings are hurt. Why wasn’t any police show at the bridge or where ever to show they are diligent. Most countries now are on the defensive after the horse leaves the barn we will fix the barn door, why isn’t the door fixed before the horse actually leaves, I guess that would make too much sense. WAKE UP PEOPLE


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