Watch: FBI Received Hacked Email Suggesting Clinton Cover-up Effort

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According to 2017 New York Times report, FBI received email; panel reaction and analysis on ‘Hannity.’



  1. Comey, like the rest of the FBI and CIA, are a bunch of crooks and criminals - the real swamp that hopefully President Trump will continue draining.

    Comey had her emails the entire time but he needed to save his skin because he, like everyone else, was sure that Fakestream’s polls were accurate and wicked Hillary had an over 90% chance of winning. Had she ch”v become POTUS and Comey would’ve indicted her, he’d be suicided in no time.

  2. Unfortunately nobody cares Because it is no longer about right and wrong rather Democrats want power at any cost

    • Remember when President Trump tweeted "bye Hillary"? Seemingly a typo which should've been "by Hillary". But he did so on purpose.

      “unfortunately”? You need to say baruch Hashem. And the reason why nobody cares because she was “taken care of” already and is in the dustbin of history.

  3. Fox is rabid.
    Their credibility is nill.
    They help to create and push FAKE garbage, this in turn works against normal and good people.
    Murdock is not your friend.
    Though the gov’t is lacking in many areas, bits and pieces of data that is taken out of context and reformed into garbage does not satisfy the the true facts.

  4. Faux news, under the leadership of Karl Rove were swinging the pom poms for the big rino dummy, Jeb Bush. Fortunately the American voters were not interested in him and despite the anti Trump sediment on Faux news, elected Donald Trump as POTUS. Only Sean Hannity was a Trump supporter from day one.


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