Watch: FedEx Driver Shoves Yeshiva Bus Driver in Brooklyn

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On Thursday, a FedEx driver shoved to the ground a yeshiva bus driver in front of a Satmar girls school at Hooper Street and Whyte Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A bus driver asked the FedEx driver to move his truck, because the buses were picking up girls from the school. The FedEx driver refused.

JP Updates reports: “The yeshiva driver then motioned for other bus drivers to park behind the FedEx truck. As the other buses started to park, the FedEx driver exited his truck, then walked up to the bus driver and proceeded to knock him down to the ground with a shove with both hands.”

The 35-year-old bus driver called the police, but responding officers didn’t want to make an arrest because the driver didn’t have any visible injuries.




  1. Somethings not right with the story. If the buses were picking up girls, why did the second bus block traffic in the left lane? He should have gone behind the first bus, or gone ahead of the first bus and parked in the right lane. Pushing the bus driver is unacceptable, but the behavior of the bus driver is also wrong.

  2. From the video it looks like the FedEx guy tried to run him over with the truck too. That’s Adeline aggravated assault charge.

    • What does it look like when they are blocking traffic ? What does it look like when the buss driver is at the FedEx truck screaming?

  3. It is clear from the video that the bus driver was the instigator here. He should have waited for the FedEx driver to move.

  4. I hope fedex gets a copy of this clip. FedEx should send a nice apology note. A donation to the school would be nice too.

  5. How come the other bus drivers didn’t defend their colleague. When we are each man for himself, we get hurt.

  6. bus driver was way too hot! what is fedex supposed to do? fly on top of bus? street belongs to every one.i once parked near a bus for my elderly mother ,when I refused to move, the busdriver almost punched me too !maybe he belongs to the same mafia?

  7. How did he refuse to move where would the FedEx driver move to? looks to me like the bus driver was starting something and it look like he over reacted and trow his self on the floor trying to catch a quick lawsuit for his own fault BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU BLOCK THE FEDEX TRUCK HE HAS TO WORK TO ODVIOSLY AND THE STREET DOESNT BELONG TO THE SCHOOL COMPANY IR DOES IT ?

  8. Looks like the fed ex truck was backing up and the instigator bus driver didn’t let the FedEx guy back up. The street belong to everyone. That bus driver needs to get fired.


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