Watch: Fla. Governor Says ‘We’re Fed Up’ with Radical Islam

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Florida governor Rick Scott says the Orlando shooting was an attack on our nation, calling for assistance from the White House as he declares an emergency declaration for Florida.




    • Part of the problem is that it’s impossible to prove which planned massacres were avoided by restricting assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. The one thing that’s indisputable is that several recent massacres were committed with assault weapons that were legally purchased.
      How about a little common sense? Why do we allow the NRA to dictate that no-fly-list individuals can buy whatever weapons they want and anyone can buy an assault weapon perfect for mass murder?

    • Tougher gun laws don’t prevent crimes, they just prevent civilians from protecting themselves from criminals, google it.

  1. This all happened because those evil white racist gun-toting Republicans have started their war on women, targeting Hillary

  2. Would it make sense that if Ms. Clinton will not use the words “radical islam” it is not a radical left wing conspiracy but rather a new event by which Hashem has designed our universe to discuss the right speech we must use in human public conversation? I think that if I myself can decide that my proper terminology would be Radical Hate Islam, I might have agreed that Ms. Clinton herself has not found a comfortable term.

    I am a classical liberal and I am not comfortable using the term radical islam to describe the horrors of the terror today. It is intelligently designed in the first fear of what this enemy is and wants to attack to create the hate of this new generation; but in all sense and right speech, it does not attach the word Hate which is the real crime of the hate in the Islamic faith.

    We had Radical Hate from christians in the past. We can call that “Hate Christianity”. We know it exists.

    Why not use intelligent thought and discuss that this is Radical Hate Islam? I am sure I will not be on the phone with Ms. Clinton, but if others can consider this comes from the davening I have done and with hopes that this is the proper term to discuss in Torah valued Speech, one might wish to put this conversation to use so that indeed Israel will lead the way to discussing what we must do and say and speak in this time of terror.

    Please wage war against Radical Hate Islam. To wage war against “radical islam”, you will take many who are not Radicalized in their hate along with you just by the sake that you are naming Islam in by itself as a terror vehicle.

    Islam and others who have the Muslim faith can be our friends and should have commerce with the jewish people as we have always had commerce with Ishmael.

    This makes sense and let us not cross the pace of liberty just by the hate of a radical terror that is not properly diagnosed just by the words we choose from the push of radical hate from the restive unruly public in America.

    We must lead our people and we must provide right conversation with the non-jewish population so that we can help our values of Jewish Study and Faith continue in our world. Ongoing discussions of republicans showing disdain and hate for the democrats just by one term that is not spoken in the hopes that it will cease all hate activity from the enemy is astute irregular hate insanity.

    Just hope that this might be agreed by others perhaps, or perhaps others have another way.

    In all essence, we can just discuss that this is Terror and that it is from the middle east origins of a culture that is not growing safely and not growing in good faith with G-d.

    Still, we must find worth in this untangling time of hate and terror. Our speech can change the world. Can we discuss more valued options? I can not myself as a democrat assume that GOP leadership is right all the time, but lets see what they discuss and make it better if that is possible. Add the word Hate and we have a position.

    That makes discretion and no one will confuse that the Radical Hate is not Terror.

    Scary, but that is our consideration if we want rights under G-d and social rights of human voice.

    Shalom and never again.


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