Watch: Footage from Today’s Attempted Terror Stabbing Near Ariel

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  1. Notice the hesitation by the soldiers before shooting. This is the new policy of the leftist liberal, Avigdor Lieberman.

    What a stupid animal. Did she really think she had a chance against 2 soldiers with guns?

  2. The Surgeon General has determined that engaging in terrorist activity is extremely dangerous to your health!

  3. When accusing a soldier for shooting a possible threat like that ; I would like them to review the cctv of the turkish bombing. Where you see security neutralizing the suspect (trying to atleast) by shooting him. He lays on the floor and you see him moving; what happens next????? he pulls the trigger after being shot and blows himself up… This cctv should be used for the defense of the soldier on trial in israel for shooting a supposed “non threat”……


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