Watch: Footage Of Shabbos Hafganos Take By A Non Jew (via BELAAZ)



      • Really? Name one Godol B’Yisroel who was successfully mekerav secular Jews who approved of these hafgonas.

        As Rabbi Pappenheim the spokesman for the Eidah Hachreidus put it:

        Any secular Israeli today who experienced violence directed at him for not keeping Torah is GUARANTEED to NEVER be Chozer B’Teshuva afterward.

      • Some Gedolei Yisroel hold of Hafganos (most do not), but they understand that it’s not going to help with Kiruv. Hafganos is not for Kiruv, it’s for the Chovas Macho’o.
        Some Gedolei Yisroel are against Hafganos, because of the counter-effect.

    • This is about Shabbos. Not Kiruv.
      It’s not about kashrus, it’s not about Tznius, It’s not Limud Hatorah and it’s not about Kiruv it’s about Chillul Shabbos, It’s about Kedushas Shabbos & Kedushas Ha’aretz.

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