Watch: Former Clinton Pollster Calls For End To Mueller Probe

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Mark Penn and congressman John Ratcliffe joins ‘The Story’ to explain why he says it’s time for the special counsel to wrap up the Russia investigation.




  1. This entire Russian Hoax Probe made America into a worldwide laughingstock. The ENTIRE WORLD INCLUDING MUELLER AND HILLARY know the truth that it’s an FBI / CIA / Hillary fabrication to impeach Trump and perhaps perhaps the two-time-loser-even-with-loads-of-frauds-Hillary can still replace President Trump even with her loads of corruptions and criminal activities.

  2. John Brennan ludicrously accuses Trump for his “disastrous path … for the harm done to this democracy”. First let’s hear, what democracy? That Hillary must win because “it’s her turn” even though only 13% of the nation voted for this woman who didn’t even manage to have enough votes with all the frauds the CIA and FBI did for her? What democracy? Blocking the path of a LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT? Is this democracy, you evil crook?

    Is it democracy, Clapper, to spy on Trump’s campaign? If it’s a “good thing”, as you claim, why didn’t the FBI spy on Hillary and Bernie?

  3. A former CIA officer who was imprisoned for leaking classified information to journalists said he was initially was cleared of charges until Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan got involved. John Kiriakou said he had “no idea” he was under investigation in 2007 for sharing details of terrorists’ interrogations to journalists.
    “In 2007, the Bush administration investigated me and determined I hadn’t committed a crime,” he said.
    However, Kiriakou said that once President Obama took power in 2009, a series of memos showed that Brennan asked Attorney General Eric Holder to reopen his case.
    “The injustice is incredible,” he said, adding that Brennan and then-FBI Director Robert Mueller “set out to ruin people” they don’t like. Kiriakou claimed Brennan sent the DOJ a memo asking the department to prosecute the officer for espionage. The department said it had no evidence of such, but Brennan responded something to the effect of “charge him anyway and make him defend himself,” according to Kiriakou.
    Mueller, who was involved in the case, is “a man who chooses a person, then looks for a crime to hang on that person,” Kiriakou said, adding that Mueller initiated the “John Kiriakou Task Force” to probe him. Kiriakou claimed that Mueller waited nearly a year until he was forced to declare bankruptcy then dropped most of the charges.


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