Watch: Frum Fan Makes Nice Catch at Last Night’s Yankees-Mets Game

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A Jewish baseball fan wearing a yarmulka caught a foul ball with his bare hands during the first inning of the Yankees vs. Mets game last night at Citi Field Queens, New York.

The ball was hit by the Yankees’ shortstop. The video shows the fan being cheered by the crowd after he makes the excellent catch.

The game announcers, including Michael Kay and former Yankees and Mets pitcher David Cone, can be heard praising the catch.

Cone then joked, “I think that guy might want to go up one size in that shirt!”

Watch a video of the catch:



  1. Wow. Mamesh a kiddush hashem. Mi kiamcha yisroel? Goy echad ba’aretz. Kol yisroel yesh lahem cheleck le’olam haba. Kol yisroel areivim zeh lazeh.

    I was so moved watching this.

  2. Kiddush Hashem. Give them credit for proudly wearing a yarmulka and proudly being Jewish. Kol hakavod. Good catch. Good play.

  3. A few more catches like that and Moshiach will definitely come. Thanks to Matzav again for informing us of these all important Jewish news items.


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