Watch: Frum Group Teaches ‘Ribon Ha’olamim’ to Maasai Tribe in Kenya

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On their travels, a group of frum Yidden, including members of the Pumpidisa Band, visited the Maasai Tribe in their village in Kenya. They sang and danced and taught them Ribon Ha’olamim.




  1. Nisht shain!
    The words are so haylig! What business do they have sullying the nigun in such a way! To what end? For what purpose?

  2. Guess all the frye yiden were chozer btshuva, so now these guys spend their energy on the kiruv of some obscure African tribes. Is this supposed to be an advertisement for a band or are these guys genuinely off?

  3. isnt it the 3 weeks now? where listening to music is forbidden especially when its not acepela?

    Thank you MATZAV for your understanding & keep up your great work

  4. Just read again (and read many times in various sources) that at the end of days, many religious leaders will be of the Erev Rav. It seems, here in regard to this post, we see for ourselves the chilul H’ that is being perpetrated by. Why isn’t an effort by every Jew being made to bring back every and any secular Jew they can to Yiddishkeit? Found the above stupidity on the part of these so-called Jews to be a chilul H’. Seems their goal is to, c’v, trying to convert these people.


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