WATCH: Frum Man Beaten By Two African-American Thugs in Brooklyn

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A 35-year-old frum man was assaulted late Thursday afternoon in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn by two young African-American men, while driving a forklift, JP UPDATES reports.

Police say the Jewish man, who works by the A1 Paper Goods store located at 617 Brooklyn Avenue, was driving the company’s forklift outside the warehouse at around 5:30 p.m when he was approached by two young men who asked him for the time. As the Jewish man took out his cell phone and answered them, one of them punched the Jewish man in the face.

The victim jumped down from the forklift and was able to hold down one individual, but the boy who punched him fled from the scene. NYPD from the 71st Precinct responded to the scene and took him into custody for questioning.




    • How can you even say that??? Anything that happens to a Jewish person is a BIG DEAL! Antisemitism is a BIG DEAL! If you were the one being punched in the face would you want others to say that??? Just because we are in galus, we cant be so desensitized to dismiss wrong happenings because they are so consistent! Sure, there are worse things that happen and B”H the man wasnt seriously injured, but please realize that even though its a smaller event its important to every single Jew. especially because it probably was antisemitism and we are all in the same boat! When we see/hear something like that we should renew our will to do mitzvos and bring Moshiach instead of dismissing it as “no big deal.”

  1. personally it looks like, to me, the victim got hit once and then beat the you know what out of his attackers accomplice…

  2. Stop being so politically correct. You don’t know if they’re from Africa or from Harlem and you don’t want to use racist terms

  3. That’s why you don’t stay in crown heights when the rest of the frum velt jumps ship to brooklyn etc… they endanger thier lifes for what??

  4. That’s why you don’t stay in crown heights when the rest of the frum velt jumps ship to flatbush etc… they endanger thier lifes for what??


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