Watch: Frum Passenger Sponsors Drinks for Entire Flight

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On a recent flight to Hungary for the yahrtzeit of Rav Yeshayele of Kerestir zt”l, a Yid sponsored drinks for all passengers. The stewardesses were instructed to serve water, juice and beer to all flyers, with the benefactor, Yossi Weinberger, paying for it all.

Weinberger is a resident of Stamford Hill, London.

A small can of Coke (150 ml) regularly costs €2 on such a flight.

Every single person on that flight – including the 18 non-Jewish passengers – were treated to Yossi’s generosity.

“This made a big impression on the passengers and the staff alike,” a member of the flight told “They said they had never seen such a thing before. Mi k’amcha Yisroel.”

Yossi remained anonymous on the flight, with a stewardess calling out on the loudspeaker that the refreshments were courtesy of “an anonymous donor.”

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  1. Has the Jewish poverty been eradicated?! H owns all of our money; we are to properly use what has been landed to us. A proper usage would have been to spend this couple hundred bucks on aniyei Isroel.

  2. How nice of you to tell Mr Weinberger how to spend his money. I hope he returns the favor, and tells you how to spend ypur money

    • I have no “my” money, neither does Mr Weinberger or whatever his name is – it is all H’s money that’s been merely lent to us on the condition that we use it for Avodas H.

  3. When I fly to israel on el al I buy a tehillim key chain for all the 16 personal working on the plane. I order it from the flyers catalog with my credit card.


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