Watch: Frum Reporter Jake Turx Discusses Israeli Politics On Newsmax

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  1. Hello! Yamina is NOT a right wing party, despite the name and despite the fact that most of the members of the party are breakoffs from the right. The common ground between all the left wing parties and Yamina is merely “רק לא ביבי” Anything But Bibi. Classic Example of שנאה מקלקלת את השורה, hatred (of Bibi) that makes people do crazy things.

  2. They can’t fargin that Bibi is way more skilled , articulate and talented then they are. Pure jealousy. Lapis is a doorknob that can’t speak normal English. And Bennet, although smart and articulate as well, is throwing all logic to the wind just to be prime minister. He ain’t no Bibi. This coalition won’t last more then three months. Then new elections, and Likud will win 45 seats by absorbing all the angry and disenfranchised Yamina and New Hope voters. And guess who will be prime minister once again.


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