Watch: Frum Resident Buys Hot Dog and Drink for Homeless Man in NYC

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  1. lovely deed! highly commendable.

    one thought – next time you do such a chesed please inquire from your Rov if you’re permitted to purchase a hotdog from a non-kosher cart due to Maras Ayin. (from the music blaring in the background, it did not sound like anything jewish – if it was a kosher stand, I apologize in advance)

    • It took 10 seconds to find this answer on the internet
      The Shulchan Aruch (YD 117:1) writes that one mustn’t do business with any food which is forbidden to eat mideoraisa. The Rema and Beis Yosef (YD 117) write that one mustn’t, therefore, buy such food for one’s non-Jewish workers as one stands to benefit from giving such gifts (See Kaf Hachaim YD 117:28).
      The Taz (YD 117:2), however, allows buying such food for workers, as this does not constitute business (See Shach YD 117:3).
      He continues to explain that this doesn’t apply to everything, as one can’t for example, buy anything that is made up of meat and milk, etc:
      As meat and milk that were cooked together are assur behanaah, (forbidden to benefit from, See Shulchan Aruch YD 87:1), if one received such a food product, one may not even pass it on to a non-Jew. The Rema writes that this doesn’t apply to chicken cooked in milk (or other foods assur miderabanan). Thus, one may buy food that is bishul akum, etc.
      The Kaf Hachaim (YD 117:52) writes, however, that even those poskim who are stringent would allow buying gifts for non-Jews. Likewise, the Aruch Hashulchan (YD 117:19) writes that one doesn’t need to spend more money in order to buy Kosher food.

  2. Is there any shaila of maaros eyen? Was the hotdog stand a known kosher one? Was it confirmed that the white homeless man was not Jewish? Why was a video recording of this necessary?
    Having said that, I hope a Kiddush Hashem was performed.

  3. Very nice!
    Yidden are רחמנים בני רחמנים.

    What are the chances though that this homeless fellow is a yid and this felow was just מאכיל him traif?

  4. Big kiddush Hashem. Just be aware that there is a specific issur to purchase non-kosher meat, even to feed to a non-Jew. Hopefully his was kosher. (Think about why most nursing homes in the country are serving kosher food.)

  5. On the surface it’s a beautiful thing a real kiddish hashem however Is one allowed to purchase nevailos and treifos to feed a goy? What about maras ayin and also does he know the “goy” is really a goy? Just wondering.

  6. Boo. The deeds for hope need not be plain news. Wonder how many never contributed to the homeless shelter. It is sad to think the guy stays on the street.

  7. Thank you for inspiring us to be nice to others although they might not be like us.

    For all those who are knocking you I think they are in need of love too.

  8. Baal Agula
    Attention all Ferd and Beheimois Gasos commenting here… This is exactly what Cha”z meant by a chosid shoite…. some one seeing a woman drowning in the sea , and going on his merry way because it is not tzneiosdik to save a woman…… to all you tipshim…… you see a man hungry in the street you buy him food. any food.. get him the actual chazir, shect it and give him the chazir…. then you can ask him if he is a yid or a goy….


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