Watch: Frum Store Managers in Williamsburg Assaulted By Unruly Man

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An innocent request at a Williamsburg supermarket before Shavuos turned into rowdy brawl.

The incident took place at the Central Market Supermarket at the corner of Division Avenue and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Two of the frum store managers politely asked a girl to stop riding around the supermarket on a hoverboard, as she had knocked down cereal boxes and other products, wreaking havoc.

The girl called her father, who arrived a few minutes later and began assaulting the store managers, yelling and cursing at them while punching them. The African-American man threatened to kill them. The managers were left bloodied and in shock.

A short while later, NYPD officers from the 90th precinct arrived at the store. To the chagrin of those present, the officers arrested both managers, believing the girl’s father that they had thrown a peach at the girl.

R’ Gershon Schlesinger, a noted askan in Williamsburg, told that as a result of the arrests, one the managers was detained at central booking for over 24 hours, barely making it home before the onset of the three-day Yom Tov.

The following is footage of the incident. WATCH:

{G. Newscenter}


  1. If Donald Trump was president, this would have never happened.

  2. This guy is punching and screaming I am going to kill you at the two Jewish managers. And unbelievable that the NYPD had the nerve afterwards to falsely arrest and book the two Jewish managers overnight?
    This is shocking open 21’s century anti-Semitism from the NYPD!!!
    The NYPD is trying to take revenge of the Jewish community
    Before the recent NYPD scandal the 90 precinct police departments with Shomrim were able to work out a deal between both parties to encourage both sides to drop the charges, the new 90 sergeant does not want to cooperate with Jewish community.

    • And then go to jail for murder…who will defend us then? We are jews…pawns in the eyes of the world….thats the fact.
      We need Moshiach NOW.

  3. the police that made that arrest should suffer a consequence…. how in the world does anyone perceive this as the managers fault?????

  4. Why didnt shomrim mix in
    they usually get to the scene in less then a min.
    Willy is becoming like crown heights
    we need chaptzin like in the good old days and teach these bums a lesson
    where was shomrim
    where were all the politicians to get the manager out from the lock up
    next time speak to Dov Hikind of B.P.,he doesnt take this kind of abuse

  5. The arresting officers should immediately be reprimanded and relieved of their guns until a thorough investigation is completed to the satisfaction of the innocent store managers. They were assaulted twice that day. The first time, from the vicious beast who punched them in the face and taught his daughter his version of a life lesson on how to behave when someone tells her something she doesn’t want to hear — even when she is wrong. The second assault took place at the hands of the very officers whom we pay to serve and PROTECT us.

    I am ready to commit towards putting together a fund to go after all the assaulting perpetrators and have them punished to the full extent of the law!!

  6. I just heard a very biased report on this on 1010 WINS radio of the NYC area (approximately 6:45PM Thursday, today, in NY), by Juliet Pappa.

    Just for one example of how biased her report was, she stated that the black man ‘lunged’ at the store managers. As if he just lunged at them, and didn’t make any contact. While the video shows so clearly that he viciously punched them.

    The station and reporter should be held accountable for such an obviously incorrect report.

  7. Is this woman a regular shopper at this market or did she go there with the intention of causing trouble so there would be a lawsuit?


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