Watch: Gavriel Sassoon: I Lost My 7 Children. Here’s How I Continue.

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In 2015, Gabi Sassoon experienced the unthinkable – he lost 7 of his children in a house fire. Here, in a new video released today, he shares his story, explaining how he has managed to carry on amidst the pain.

Gabi was raised in Japan, studied at the London School of Economics and then Penn University. Later in life he became alienated by his secular lifestyle and went to Israel to learn in a yeshiva. He went on to marry and raise eight wonderful children. In 2015, tragedy struck. Gabi lost 7 of his 8 children in a house fire. Here he tells the story of what happened and how his Jewish faith has provided comfort and guidance in his life.




  1. Thank u thank u me sasoon. U are the light in this generation. May Hashem be always by ur side and your wife’s and daughters.

  2. Ish ess chaviuro yazarhu ulachiv yomer chazak! Reb Gavriel may borei olam give you koach to continue spreading the message of Ein lno al mi lismoch Ela al Avinu shbashmayim. I especially relate to your reluctance and stamina to reject the all to common numbing medication. Today any discomfort is medicated or referred to mental health professionals.Neccesiaty is the mother of invention. Challenges are the impetuous for growth as you aptly stated. Hatzlocah and Brocha!


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