Watch: George W. Bush Delivers An Emotional Eulogy At His Father’s Funeral

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Former President George W. Bush speaks at his father, former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral at Washington National Cathedral, tearfully remembering his dad as ‘the best father a son or daughter could have.’



  1. Very nice. Very touching. Lemaaseh, George W Bush is a god fearing man. He was as President and he is now as private citizen. I didn’t agree with all of W’s policies, but as always being a mensch, that’s indisputable.

  2. “Go to hell.” That’s what George W. answered a reporter, when questioned about what he planned to tell the Israelis, as he was about to leave on his 1998 Middle East trip. Was he joking? Let’s remember, George W. previously had said in 1993, “heaven is open only to those who accept J….. C…..,” while discussing his decision to become “born again,” as reported in the Houston Post at the time.

    And let’s not forget his heavy campaigning in Michigan (home of the largest Arab-American community) before the 2000 election, his family’s oil interests, and deep ties with the Arab community in America and the Middle East. Then, there was George W’s open support for a Palestinian state during his presidency, the first American president to come out of the closet on the issue.

    Quote from Arutz Sheva

    Mensch? Not so sure!


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