Watch: Geraldo, Bongino And Gorka On Failures Of Parkland Response


Did law enforcement fail the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? The debate continues on ‘Hannity.’




  1. The FBI is so busy to investigate Trump-Russia, they don’t have time to take care of stupid things like mass shootings. Big deal. Trump is a lot more dangerous anyway.

  2. 1) Who were the ones to order the cops to stand down? Nikolas Cruz’s guardians?
    2) Do cops have to risk their lives being shot at by professional shooters wearing full metal garbs? This is the job of the military. Was Nikolas Cruz wearing full metal garbs? Did he come out of the Uber taxi wearing full metal garb? If not, when did he have the time to put them on if the shooting started as soon as he left the taxi? When did he have the time to discard this heavy outfit before blending with other students? What happened to this full metal garb after the shooting? Who took it?
    3) Where’s all the real-time video footage of the shooting from inside the school? Why were the security cameras from the school removed that day? Did Nikolaz Cruz or his guardians remove them?


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