WATCH: Get Refuser Claims Get Is Waiting In Bais Din, Dayan Claims Otherwise

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A man who refused to give his wife a get for over 15 years has released a statement where he accused the Chief Rabbi of Israel of fabricating a story.

Rabbi Dovid Lau made headlines earlier this week when he refused to permit the burial of the get refuser’s mother in an attempt to pressure the man to give the get.

After Rabbi Lau allegedly got a commitment from the man to proceed with the divorce and allow the woman to move on with her life after 15 chained years, the Chief Rabbi gave the go ahead for the kevura to take place. Subsequently the man, who has been remarried for five years, denied that any agreement took place and continued his obstinate refusal to release his estranged wife.

In his video statement, the man claimed that the Chief Rabbi fabricated the whole story and called the entire Rabbanut a corrupt organization.

The get refuser additionally claimed that there is a get waiting for his wife at a Bais Din in the United States.

However, a recording obtained by from a member of that Bais Din shows that the Bais Din does not holding any get.

“It’s not that I have it (the get) but it’s supposed to be here,” the Dayan is heard saying about the get, offering to make a new one if necessary but confirming there is currently no get at the Bais Din.

According to reliable sources, the man is using the upheld get as leverage to demand an exorbitant fee from his estranged wife.

“This is the most severe case of Agunah for over a ten years in which the husband totally refuses to allow his wife to continue her life while he is unlawfully married to a second wife,” said Rabbi Lau.



  1. Why doesn’t the bum publicly request that a sofer write his wife a Get and deliver it to his wife with the two required witnesses?!

    Why is Matzav giving this miscreant opportunity to explain away his misdeeds?

  2. Where is the recording????

    Which supposed American Beis Din issued the stop burial order? Is it an organization that is defunct? How did this Beis din have authorization to make such a psak? Who are the three dayonim? Is one a fellon with a criminal rap sheet?

    There are many more things that smell here.

    • Why do you want to hear the recording?
      הרוצה לשקר ירחיק עדותו wants to lie and you have the chutzpah to fight that?!

  3. This is indeed a very bad case.. but there are even worse ones. Every one is bad. But there’s currently a woman that has been refused a get for over ten years; from the age of when she was still able to build up a new family with another man till now and still waiting. There’s talk that he will give the get tomorrow; due to his sons wedding in eretz yisroel.. But there was always , for years this kind of hope that was shattered… This guy in the video; if indeed he is using this get as leverage then he has the typical profile of all the get refusers… I wish Jared Kushner; understanding a bit the laws of gittin would urge trump to put something into law that would make it hard for these guys.. apparently, canada has a get law.

      • arent their differing opinions on if it is invalid?. if somebody holds difrently that’s their and their rabbis business

        • No, Torah is not a game. You can simply go your silly annulment route.

          But trying to bring the government into creating invalid gitten is unacceptable. How dare you become so abusive to these little kids that would be mamzeirim! STOP YOUR ABUSE!!!

  4. This video is not new on matzav. It was posted on the Israeli websites first. It was an interesting response to a very interesting appraoch by the rabanut and it made everyone think that perhaps this get refuser has a point; which is a tactic and profile of most get refusers. so it was important that its published for the world to see and hear the truth. As I sit here; there are tens of other guys holding their wives chained and they should know it’s not a hefkervelt.. Those sticking up for this guy, and arguing the facts without proof are terrible people.


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