Watch: Giant Bear Spotted In Monsey

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In what has become a annual event in recent years, a giant bear has been spotted in the Monsey neighborhood of Wesley Hills.

In the video, the bear is seen meandering through a backyard in search for food.

The uptick in bear sightings has been attributed to a lowered food supply in the mountainous habitat. Parents are asked to be vigilant of their children playing outside.



  1. There are eight species of bear in the world. None of them are “giant bear”. The bear in the photograph and video is a North American Black Bear.

  2. Big deal, our family lived near Monsey, it is the country area, we had also deer, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, worms, etc. , also all different kinds of birds. If you don’t like wild animals stay in the city there you can have all the human wild animals as much as you want and can handle.


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