Watch: Gingrich: “If Trumps Asks Me to Be VP, I’d Be Hard Pressed Not to Say Yes”

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Today, on Fox News Sunday, there was a debate between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Trump Supporter and Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who’s refusing to endorse Trump.

Gingrich said he would be open to the idea of being Donald Trump’s running mate. “If he asks me, I’m certainly going to say I want to sit down and talk about it,” Gingrich said. “I don’t think it’s an automatic yes.”

Gingrich said, if asked, he’d have to discuss with the presumptive GOP nominee what he thinks the job would involve. He said if Trump can convince him that the vice presidential role is “doable” and “serious,” then he’d be “hard pressed not to say yes.”

When asked if he’d be interested in the job, Gingrich wavered on answer. “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s certainly a great challenge, but…I have a pretty interesting, exciting life,” he continued. “We’re pretty busy, but we could be lured into a new path.”




  1. Let’s leave aside that they have 6 marriages between them and that their current wives redefine age gap. We know that that doesn’t matter to much of religious America who voted Trump in.
    Newt is smart. He gets things done. He’s also old, almost 73. As much as Trump needs someone who knows the political system for the inside – he’s already put that out as a major criterion for veep – it would be better to pick someone younger who would be a viable candidate in 2024 or, if Trump decides to step down after one term, which many predict, 2020.
    Of course I’m banking on Moshiach being here soon enough that even November 2016 will be moot 😉

  2. Gingrich to the simple is the worthless to the wise. Just a thought. He has no value for American Creative Concepts of Humor or Human value. If he is on the ticket, expect the Trump Express to have a bad sag.

    Trust in G-d. This election might be so fun that the enemy has never seen its own trash day faster.

    The worth is a good day to toss out the wicked.



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