Watch: Gingrich: On The Edge Of The Greatest Corruption Scandal


On ‘Hannity,’ former House speaker reacts to the Uranium One deal revelations.




  1. He’s %100 percent right. The problem is, Hillary can go on 5th Avenue in middle of lunch break, open fire with a semiautomatic, murder 20 people, walk away as if nothing happened, AND NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN TO HER!!! The filthy evil media will completely cover for her and blame those evil white racist heterosexual male chauvinists.

    • And then she/they wonder why she lost? Because she’s a monster, a devil, that’s why! and the media and politicians are as corrupt and evil as she is. Had Trump been a politician he’d probably be as corrupt. Thank G-d he’s a businessman and not a politician and has a heart and love for his people.


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