Watch: Gingrich’s Brilliant Analysis: “Republicans in Hysteria Over Trump Nomination”

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Newt Gingrich appeared on Hannity to talk about Donald Trump, saying that the Republicans are in hysteria over Donald Trump being the Republican nominee.




  1. What I find quite fascinating is where we are. How often have conservatives complained over the tactics and accusations by the left Against conservatives. There were times it would be utterly vitriolic. Time after time they would explain how utterly false and ridiculous the accusations were and would make every effort to take the high, moral road. Now we see, one after another, resorting to the exact same tactics employed by those who once claimed a moral high ground and even suggest They and their tactics ARE the moral high ground. It is THEY who are NOW using innuendo, selective quotes in order to further their position or agenda. It has become clear to me that whether it is the far left or the far right, both will use whatever means to prove to themselves and others They are the harbingers of truth. When it comes to partisan politics the end, no matter how distasteful, justifies the means, and those who are in need be damned.

  2. “Democracy” at work. The politicians and liberal media just don’t get it. Who cares if the public is upset against the political establishment. They know better than the public whats best for them. So who cares if the public is nauseated with them and their policies, and is therefore voting for someone that cares about our country and says the things they believe to be correct.
    Who asked the public? Who gave them the right to voice their opinions?
    Wake up idiots. We are fed up with you (and Hillary) and are looking for change.
    Thats how Democracy works.


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