Watch: Girl Kidnapped from Her Mother in Beitar

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  1. why aren’t there policewomen? Frum women shouldn’t be handled like this by men no matter what they’re doing .

  2. this whole story makes no sense. who are these people? what is the background? why does the child appear frightened of her father? why was the mother arrested? the story makes all kinds of insinuations with nothing to back it up.

  3. Some of us have children and ainiklach living in Beitar. The headline made it seem like terrorists were trying to kipnap a Jewish child. (Given the current situation over there, can you blame us for thinking that?) Perhaps you can word things a little differently next time.
    Sensationalism isn’t journalism. And Matzav isn’t what it used to be.

  4. what misinformation!!!! matzav should be more responsible with their headline for this article. This is a woman that by all means lost custody of this child and 4 others which are already living with her husband for a while. She has made it extremely difficult and has not listened to the courts with anything. She was warned that if she doesn’t hand the girl over then police will come… On this video you do not see the girl herself. You’re seeing the womans 2 sisters. When the police came she phoned her sisters and they arrived with a video taker ready and put up this show so its posted as propaganda… You can’t fight law like this. I got this information from a police statement where they said they had no regrets and followed protocal… The lawyers also spoke saying that it was murderous working with this woman all along, she thinks shes above the law… The father had tried in every way to make it work for both but she’s not a reasonable person… This information was widely reported all over and shouldve been included here… The headline doesn’t do justice to the facts.

  5. just rewatched it… I don’t know how anyone can be fooled. Those sisters came to disturb the peace; it’s so obvious!!! there’s reason why they needed to be arrested…


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