Watch: Giuliani Swipes at Hillary Over 9/11- ‘I Don’t Remember Seeing Her There’

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At a Donald Trump rally in Florida today, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani goes after Hillary Clinton’s anti-terror stance, adding that he did not see her in New York on September 11th.




  1. She was there a day or 2 later, along with Chuck Schumer, when George Bush came to visit Ground Zero and spoke to rescue crews through a megaphone.

  2. She was there and they have pictures to prove it. He needs to think OR research before he speaks. He’s killing Trumps campaign. He’s using Trump to be relevant. If you ask NY Fire Dept., they dislike Rudy. Rudy is a fraud.

  3. She was there. They have pictures to prove it. Rudy to Trump is what Sarah Palin was to McCain – uninformed. He is killing Trumps campaign because he refuse to think OR research before he talks. If you ask FDNY, they were highly disappointed with Rudy on 9/11

  4. She was there a day later and there are pictures of her together with Giuliani to prove it. He has since retracted this statement and apologized for it.


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