Watch: Giuliani: Trump Reminds Me of Ronald Reagan

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Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NYC) on the fight against terrorism and the presidential debate.




  1. Its so obvious Guiliani is trying to suck up to Trump every which way to secure a place in his Cabinet if elected. C’mon, Ronald Reagen ? He had way more class than Trunp, plus he was more intelegent. Amazing how low people will stoop to get on the good side of somebody

  2. The most important challenge to raised to both othef candidates should be thus

    Is This What Is Coming?

    Winds of Change

    It is difficult to say this, but perhaps the… recession of the benevolent American experience are being seen. We have been seeing small signs in many areas. The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States forcing states to redefine marriage is a wakeup call.

    Make no mistake about it. The liberal agenda that preceded the Supreme Court ruling has been relentless and will continue. One of the goals of the liberal revolution, now supported by the Supreme Court of the United States, is not just to fight for the rights of all kinds of deviants in the spirit of equal rights for minorities, which would be bad enough, but even worse, its goal is to label anyone who doesn’t ascribe to this as bigots who can be prosecuted. It is a full-barreled assault on religious liberties and an attempt to destroy the old order of wholesome family values that made America so great.

    The present Supreme Court majority ruling barely pays lip service to the religious rights of minorities and clearly shows that the far-left liberal ideologues who have been spearheading this battle for decades with ample assistance from the New York Times-led mainstream media will make use of the courts to force their views on the rest of us. It is clear that the next step is to make anyone who does not ascribe to these views a social pariah, one who is considered uncouth and uncultured, and thus unable to participate in the political and academic institutions of our society.

    The Ultimate Assault on the Kodesh and the Kodesh Hakodoshim

    What they would ultimately like to do is bring the assault into the kodesh and the kodesh hakodoshim of our society. Soon, any schools that seek government funding and diplomas for their students will be forced to teach about all kinds of abominations as if they are just another alternative and an equally legitimate way of living.

    What will happen is anyone’s call. There is reason to be afraid that many religious institutions will cave in, finding all kinds of dubious justifications. After all, without government funding and approval, they will not be able to succeed. We must be ever vigilant as we begin to notice this caving-in on the fringes and ensure that it does not slowly move to the center, to the kodesh and the kodesh hakodoshim.

    What is transpiring may be a transition from the best golus experience the Jewish nation has had since the churban to a more classical mode of golus where, as frum Jews, we must somehow walk between the raindrops of hostility, avoiding the pitfalls with a combination of cleverness and shtadlanus.

    Leaving Benevolent Golus Behind?

    We, as a community, must therefore fortify ourselves and prepare for the ensuing legal battles and to eventually make the sacrifices to be able to live as Yidden according to our Torah, even if the battles are lost.

  3. Trump has to give off the mien , seriousness, and comportment of a statesman
    Will he?

    if he gets Hillary to giggle a little ,it will be a bonus


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