Watch: Glenn Beck Plans To Bring Conservative ‘Thinkers’ Together To Lay Out ‘A 100-Year Plan’


In this video, Glenn Beck says that he plans to bring together the “greatest minds” in the conservative movement to lay out a 100-year plan to save America.




  1. This man is becoming more delusional by the day. He seems to think HE is the arbiter of conservatism above anyone else. What he doesn’t Realize is HIS brand of conservatism is actually anti-American. He has made statements in the past that suggest “free markets” should be unfettered from any government regulations. The logical conclusion to this approach is the lowering of wages UNTIL they reach third-world levels. Carly Fiorina even suggested this approach, and guess who was one of her biggest supporters. Apparently his brand of conservatism has no issues with the literal serfdom China has in their business sector and couldn’t care less if that were Also exported here. It’s just good “competition” is it not. We should ALL live in a “corporate city” where the corporation provides all the necessities, food, shelter clothing etc.
    Clearly what they fear Most is that it is possible for government to work For the people. Their preference would be not just limited government but has morphed into little to no government. Because corporate entities have become more about the bottom line than any responsibility to the community there is no other entity, besides government, to address certain issues. The concern should be merely the overreach by the government and not the dismantlement of it.
    One method of a proactive government is a suggestion Trump made at a Congressional hearing in the 90’s. It was his belief that the wealthy should be taxed at a much higher rate. In lieu of that tax if they were to invest in American business expansion they could use that as an offset. Of course, conservatives like Beck would cringe at such an idea, but this would create considerable American prosperity. Government can be a tool or it can be an impediment. It is dependent upon intelligent people with experience in economics on a macro level. Politicians, especially career one, haven’t the experience nor understanding to accomplish such a goal. We cannot rely on life-long politicians to achieve this. It will take business experience with political clout to accomplish this task. Government cannot and should not use the Treasury for this but only create rules that further the task.

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