Watch: Google Home 2017 Super Bowl Commercial Features a Mezuzah

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  1. Wow. Thnx Matzav- now I feel so normal to have a mezuza! What would we do without you showing us validation from the depths of non-Torah society? Amazing how corrupt you’ve become.

  2. Wow. Kiddush Hashem. Mi ki’amcha yisroel? Kol yisroel yesh lahem cheileck li’olem haba. Kol yisroel araivim zeh lazeh. Unbelievable. Amazing. Inspiring. This video should be mandatory viewing in every Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov. I will start to gather names for a kol korei.

  3. BH now we have made it .
    You can be totally assimilated and still have a mezuza.
    There was an entire generation that did that . You can still see some on of the mezuza cases on the Lower East Side.
    But unfortunately more kids were lost to the Bowery that were won over by RJJ amd MTJ.
    Just Imagine how Geshmak it would be if next year they have mixed in to a world collage of dancing a real yeshivishe/chasidish dance routine with actors dressed like us during halftime.

  4. Sarcasm aside, the Orthodox community in America grows and grows while the secular Jewish community becomes smaller and smaller. Therefore, the non-Jewish society will depict “Jewishness” in a more traditional form in an increasing manner. Perhaps a mezuzah isn’t such a big deal, but one day we might see tefillin shown on the national stage.

  5. You all mamesh missed the boat on this one. Google is just trying to point out that its device was not subject to the ban

  6. This is strictly a marketing technique. They know only Jewish people would notice the mezuzah and everyone else would miss it. Nothing to lose but sticking a two second shot for the Jewish consumer.

  7. its pashut that they yell out “surprise” at the end and not “mazel tov”, any ignoramus would be able to hear that

  8. 1) Kiddush Hashem means sanctifying the name of Hashem in public. Exactly what is the Kiddush Hashem in this video, just because a Mizuza is displayed? How does having a Google Home in one’s Home and saying “Ok, Google” make a Kiddush Hashem?
    2) Why were Jews watching the Super Bowl, when they could have spent that time productively, learning Torah?


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