Watch: Graham On AOC’s SOTU Boycott, Pelosi Ripping Trump’s Speech


Nancy Pelosi says ripping up Trump’s State of the Union was ‘the courteous thing to do.’ Reaction and analysis from Senator Lindsey Graham.



  1. ,
    אין בן דוד בא אלא בדור שכולו חייב
    the fact that that skunk from South Bend Has done so extraordinarily well in the American Heartland
    Everyone is rather complacent about this
    alarm !?
    his backers are allowing him to be as Centrist as he likes because they’re so desperate for him to make a showing and he’s so far left, so far evil, okay
    let him be a Maverick, let him be a moderate ,as far as they’re concerned for other issue
    and he’s pro-israel ,as he claims!?
    if these are our friends we’d better off sticking With the Arabs
    this deviant skunk,who was only successful in his position despite the high crime and everything else in middle of the heart of Indiana ,
    due to some Jewish real estate guys who Back Him sickos
    All should be truly frightened

  2. If anyone deserves the Medal of Freedom, it’s Nancy Pelosi. She did her act well. Thanks to her ripping up the SOTU speech and acting foolishly, many Democrats said they’re leaving the Democrat party. What the WalkAway movement couldn’t accomplish, she did.


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