Watch: Jews Hold A Grassroots Trump Rally In Brooklyn

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  1. Jews should be crying to Hashem sayng Tehilim, not trying to find favor in eyes of the goyim and looking like goyim in the process

      • We don’t need to be seen. It’s actually much better that we’re not seen. The less attention by the goyim, the better. Read Rechnitz’s letter! This is very dangerous for the entire jewish community. I support Trump too, but we don’t need a “Jews for Trump” movement putting a spotlight on us. Look at the violence today!

  2. I was hoping the President or one of his children would be able to come and be michazeik the tzibbur. It’s not too late. I hear they all plan to meet at Marine Park at 5:00

  3. I went to the grocer today. Every girl in the store wore pants. The decency of this world is illiterate.

    Bar rooms open. Jacks set up open casinos. Every corner in Florida has sex trafficking.

    Don is dreamy. By it by it. But he is no Abe Lincoln. It’s not great again. It’s another jerky free shave and a loud bum day.

    Well, if it’s easy they glee. Put away the classics, pull up the television. The last few years are too good.

  4. Learn the difference between state and federal powers. If you like the way your community is being run, keep voting for the LOCAL AND STATE governments who decide much of the policies you complain about. Homelessness, employment statistics, taxes, crime, pubs and casinos…
    The president cannot decide these things unless it fits one of a few criteria including interstate travel. So city, state, gas, sales, property etc Taxes are ALL LOCAL. Keep voting for them! They seem to be doing well! .
    Now, in terms of worldwide standing, our relationship with Israel, federal taxes ( which have gone down), wars being fought… that is something Trump can be blamed or credited with. COVID? He did what he is allowed to do. He couldnt make a national policy as it is up to the states. And if he did people would complain he was a dictator. He made a national policy about travel to certain countries and was criticized for being a racist. Then was blamed for not doing it fast enough. He got companies to make ventilators and PPE. He did the PPP program with Congress. He signed off on the stimulus bill that Congress made.
    Not everything can be blamed on Trump.

  5. Even though I personally never would have participated in a thing like this for both hakafah and political reasons I’m very uncomfortable with some of the criticism I’m seeing which boils down “they have no right to allow their opinions to be known publicly”

  6. Golus? what golus? let’s all go out in public and let people know that we support a person hated by a lot of the country, especially people around where most of us live. how could this possibly go wrong?


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