Watch: Greta: Next Time Someone Trashes A Cop, Show Them Officer Ortiz

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Greta’s ‘Off the Record’: NJ Transit Officer Victor Ortiz’s act of bravery in pulling a man out of the path of train showed how selfless police can be in a dangerous job.




  1. The same way it’s ridiculous to say “cop X was bad and therefore all cops are bad,” it’s just as ridiculous to say “this cop was a hero and therefore you can’t criticize cops.” People have to stop talking in broad strokes. There are some (or probably most) good cops, there are some bad cops. Critiquing the bad cops or systematic problems isn’t saying that all cops are bad nor is it a criticism of the good cops.
    The left and right are both guilty on those fronts.

  2. Cops are s u p p o s e d to be good, to protect the innocent and save those who need help. When it doesn’t happen, we get very upset.


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