Watch: Group Protests Irreligious Yidden Eating Chometz at Israeli Restaurant

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  1. It would seem that the free publicity that these clowns are getting would be considered benefitting from Chometz on Pesach. So they are avaryanim.

  2. If the government doesn’t have a law about public sales of chometz, how can they be considered a “Jewish state”?!!?It should shock anyone with the slightest level of yiddishkiet to see chometz being eaten on pesach.

  3. I thank this group for help me gain a better understanding of why many secular hate the chareidim.
    This is a great lesson for us all of how not to act to our not religious brothers and sisters.
    All of those at the eatery will walk away with a greater hatred toward the Frum Jews.
    I wonder if any of those “Frum”
    Jews offered to learn Torah with those eating? Or did they just yell at them?
    Yelling never works.
    Education always works.
    Did these guys ever think about handing out a brochure about Pesach or are they just interested in voicing their inability to connect on a simple level with other Jews.
    A wasted opportunity that surely only caused damage and not healing between brothers and sisters.

  4. Try inviting ONE of them for the Seder, instead. While the protesters may feel fulfilled letting off steam, this yelling will hardly change the eating habits of those diners. Knowing Israeli mentality, such actions only reinforce the reactions of the irreligious.

  5. Why do the chareidim do this? Is that the way you bring another yid close to Yiddishkeit ? That is clearly without a shadow of doubt a way to distance someone even more from Hashem. I as a chareidi myself don’t look up to people who act like this. I admire the ways of chabad who would go up to these same people eating chometz and invite them for a seudas Yom Tov etc.

  6. Considering that eating chometz gamur on Pesach is an issur dioraisa, these erliche Yidden did the right thing. Kareis and gehenom is no laughing matter. You can’t allow them to drill a hole, just in their cabin, because the entire ship will sink. To turn a blind eye to those who are sinning in terrible ways, is irresponsible and you will have to answer to the almighty after 120. Yes, that applies as well to those that vote for candidates that spit in the face of the Aibishter, kaviyachol.

  7. When it hurts, you cry out!
    Okay, had they had time to analyze the situation, they might have done it better. But my gosh, wouldn’t you feel like you were punched in the stomach if you saw Jews eating chometz in what’s supposed to be a Jewish country, where the law against this is supposed to be enforced? Ouch!


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