WATCH: Hamas Terror Supporters Terrorize Jews in Diamond District in NYC

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  1. The cops are a bunch of incompetent scaredy cats. They look like the clueless keystone cops. A bunch of cowards. The only thing their as tough as nails is giving that “gotcha” parking tickets!

  2. You need to use tactics. If your outnumbered you should use tactics. The two israeli guys who took on a mob at the diamond district should of waited by the side and followed some lone Arabs and beat them not in front of the cops. Or others could call 911 and tell them a cop is being attacked and you will have a hundred cops rushing over.

  3. Remember all the machers posing happily with De Blasio before and after his election? And those who told you to vote for Biden? And those who slobber over Schumer when he does a favor but fall silent when he betrays Israel to keep his standing as a 2021 Democrat?


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