Watch: Hannity Grills NYC Mayor De Blasio In Explosive Interview

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FULL INTERVIEW: 2020 hopeful Bill de Blasio clashes with Hannity in this Fox News exclusive. Hannity presses the big city mayor on violence against the NYPD, abortion restrictions, and his support of the Green New Deal.



  1. Why doesn’t somebody show him the truth about a real cause of climate change such as all the immoral behavior that he promotes The solution is more real and much cheaper

  2. DeBallsio is a Lunatic and a Liar. He doesn’t even use his real name! What is he ashamed about? People will find out that his family were nazi’s?

    • That’s a little of a stretch. To say he has connections to the Nazi’s is absurd and blatantly false. It does a disservice to those that went thru the horrors. Sitting comfortably in LA, you may not like him but he happens to be a friend of the Frum community. If something is needed, he can usually get it done shtiller heyt. He’s not as radical as Buttgeig or Sanders. You can keep your Gavin Newsom’s and Eric Garccetti’s. Good luck.

    • We Yidden have the mida of hakoras hatov. From the days DeBlasio was a councilman in Boro Park and until today he has been there for the jewish community. It is also EXTREMELY important to be registered as a Democrat in New York, so that your voice is heard in the primaries. Otherwise, all you’ll have are liberal democrats like AOC and Cabin winning the elections in New York. Do you want Corey Johnson, the city council president, as the next mayor??? He’s much worse than DeBlasio. In the election, by all means, vote republican.

  3. I was trying to find something to like about DeBlasio. The problem is he comes across as a stiff with zero sense of humor. He’s a nice good looking man but it’s hard to rally around someone who seems to be low energy. He doesn’t seem as evil as Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders but who knows.

  4. What a piece of garbage. Can’t answer 1 question directly. Such a false ambiguous 2 faced. No wonder nyc looks the way it does. I’m nauseated by watching him. Cut out after 18 min. Just couldn’t watch him. Can’t wait for him to get the h..l out of office.

    (I deliberately didn’t mention him by name. Despite respect for the Mayoral seat. I’m disgusted….)


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