Watch: Hannity: Security Is Worth Inconveniencing A Few People

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Sean Hannity speaks out in support of the president’s travel ban on ‘Fox & Friends.’




  1. I propose red-flagging Sean Hannity’s passport and driver’s license for a period of 120 days in for purposes of security and then let’s ask him again whether he feels that his minor inconvenience was worth the extra security the country benefitted from.

  2. While there are very good reasons to be concerned about allowing in refugees, Sean Hannity is being flat out dishonest here. My great-grandfather wasn’t “inconvenienced” by the U.S’s closed borders in the 1930’s; he was brutally murdered by the Nazis, ym”s. An inconvenience is when transit workers go on strike, the air conditioner breaks down on a hot day, or the hot water runs out on erev Shabbos.

    Nobody in their right mind would object to inconveniencing refugees in the name of safety – the concern is that they’ll be slaughtered by ISIS and other savages. The carnage inflicted in Europe by Muslim immigrants (and by radical Muslims here in Ft. Hood, in California, etc.) means that we can’t overlook the real risks that allowing them in entails, but let’s at least be honest about the consequences to innocent refugees if we simply say “No” to all of them.

  3. To #2 u r right when we refuse entry to good people under false pretenses versus allowing potential radicals in to ” correct “the wrongs of70 years ago let’s stop with the idiotic comparisons helping Jews would not have caused danger whereas these people have a track record for engaging in or applauding the violence perpetrated by their own people

  4. Sean Hannity has zero credibility and not a single original thought of his own. He is completely and totally beholden to every word his newest deity, Donald Trump, says. If tomorrow morning President Trump would revoke his current executive order and make a new one that substitutes the current seven countries for citizens of seven different countries including France, Denmark, England, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, and Italy, Sean Hannity would immediately praise the new executive order and say that Trump is a genius for always thinking of ways to protect America and anyone who opines otherwise is a traitor to America. I don’t understand why continues to post Hannity’s videos.

  5. What are the band players doing behind the interviewers? Why are they forced to stand there like dummies while these chevra are schmoozing about shtusim? Let them sit down at least.

  6. Wait until the next disaster happens who will the US citizens blame?? Can’t blame Trump he says we have to vet people better from other countries, will you blame the courts for lifting the ban, will you blame the people who are actually dangerous and you have let into the country?? There will be another disaster and I wonder what the media will say about it and who they will blame with their fake news.

  7. Let’s ask people at the boston marathon, the fort lauderdale airport, fort hood, if they’d mind?
    Seventy years ago your grandfather didn’t have 50 other Jewish countries to run to take him in. Shouldn’t a country that has the same or similar language, culture, religion, legal system, etc. be the first place someone running away would try? But wait–other Moslem countries are not taking EVEN ONE refugee, because they closed their borders long ago (ESPECIALLY TO JEWS, surprise, surprise). Why does the US have to take them, when none of those countries would take them–and would not take us, either?
    If President Trump signed an executive order saying his first name is Donald, liberals would say it was unconstitutional. But if Obama signed one saying every American citizen had to take a Muslim middle name, they’d say it was a beautiful multiculti gesture and whoever doesn’t do it is a racist hater.
    Hashem put Pres. Trump into office, shouldn’t we give him a chance?


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