Watch: Help Modify A Home For Handicapped Twins Eli And Nachi

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By the Ribakow and Lever Families

We have twin 5 year old grandsons, special and innocent little boys, who are in desperate need of help. c entered this world 14 weeks prematurely and spent the first 5 months of their lives in the hospital. In the past five years these boys have gone through hardships you can’t even imagine, with countless hospitalizations, 20 surgeries and many hours of difficult therapies.

B”H they have come a long way from the frail, two pound babies they once were, but they still suffer from severe disabilities. Their speech is limited, their vision is impaired and their right arms are partially paralyzed. They constantly struggle with the most basic daily activities; eating is very difficult, dressing themselves is still a far off dream due to their limited use of their hands, and walking is unbelievably challenging. Yet, despite their suffering, the boys are the happiest kids anyone has ever met. Their courage, resilience and determination to overcome their challenges is unbelievable and they are a tremendous source of inspiration for all of those who meet them. They constantly smile, and when asked how they are feeling, they both respond: “GOOD!” In fact, “good” is one of the few words that Nachi can say clearly.

However, another hurdle has arisen for the boys. They are too heavy to be carried around, but they cannot walk alone. They are learning to use walkers and motorized wheelchairs so they can get around in school and in other handicap accessible areas. Their home is not large enough to accommodate their space consuming mobility equipment. They need a bedroom and bathroom suitable for their needs on the first floor of their home, because being carried up the stairs has become a dangerous ordeal. The boys are desperate for independence and want to be able to move around in their walkers. Therefore, major renovations must be done to their current home, which is an incredible costly endeavor.

Their amazing parents, Dovid and Racheli, are so caring and nurturing, and clearly accept and understand their blessings and their challenges. Dovid is currently studying for a degree as a Physician’s Assistant, and Racheli is unable to work consistently as a graphic designer due to the boys’ demanding needs. Please show the boys and their family you care. By doing so, you will give these two children the opportunity of freedom.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!




  1. Gorgeous children
    Please look into Glen Doman’s “Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential” in Pennsylvania. They are sooooo successful in normalizing children as these without depending on all the awkward and expensive “crutches” such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc., but on the child’s natural ability to develop. Lots of work but well worth it in the long run.


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