Watch: Heshy Tischler Speaks Out from the Bobover Shul on 49th Street in Boro Park

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    • What exactly is the jewish way??? I will say this I don’t like Heshy’s style, but at least he’s trying to get something done. As I said previously He’s filling a big leadership void.
      I follow the news. Since Yom Tov, about a week now I didn’t see anyone else saying anything or doing anything about Coumo’s clearly anti Jewish gezaras. Take this video if he’s right why aren’t the politicians talking about it. Its a week since the closing of yeshivos How is it possible that a week went by and not a peep from anyone except Hikind? Even if there is nothing they can do at least raise a voice, a concern.

      • if you dont know what the “Jewish way” is ask your parents or elderly relatives. protests have always been something religious jews never participated in except in rare circumstances.

  1. BS”D
    G-d bless Heshy Tischler. Maybe our sheriffs are interested in the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), led by president and retired sheriff Richard Mack.
    Dr. Mercola wrote an article about them entitled These Sheriffs Are the Difference Between Freedom and Tyranny.

  2. our parenrts went to gas of chamber just for smart people telling its a chillul hashem.
    as long you not doing damage anything you are intitle to raise your voice especially in a counrty where demacrecy is allowed

    • no they didn’t thats not how history happened stop simplifying. first the nazis had a program of hiding their true intentions of the concentration camps real motive. it wasnt chillel hashem that was on their mind any attempts to avoid conflict arose from not wanting to antagonize the nazis that would lead to thenlm killing any more villagers on the spot. when the nazis rolled in to eastern Europe they were machine gunning people and using mobile gas chamber trucks. the Jewish people didn’t even have to option on choosing if they wanted to cause a chillel hashem they didn’t have much choices at that point!

  3. too much of this attention seeker. stop giving him the fame he wants. wew only want daas Torah, and starting up with the govt isnt daas Torah

  4. If you just stop fighting with them and perhaps consider being careful regarding covid, the they may act the way you want them to!

  5. Guys please enough with this chillul hashem stuff. Learn what a chillul hashem is before you run your mouth. That being said We need someone to fight the government and not use silly diplomacy that ends with the next liberal judge


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