Watch: Heshy Tischler’s ‘Just Enough Heshy Show’ from Yesterday

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    • Chilul H has little to nothing to do with goyishe approval; stop misusing the term. It is idiots who obey shutting down shuls and yeshivos who are committing the real Chilul H.

  1. he needs serious mental treatment fast…

    he needs the best mental medicines available on the market….

    didn’t hitler start the same way?

    STREET rebel rousing….

    though hitler’s followers were much older than hersh’s 11 and 12 yeaar old “chasidim” !!!!!!!!!

    get life tischler

    • Dear 2:44pm, mental treatment, ah? Why don’t you give him your shrink’s contact info. Actually, don’t bother, you must not have a decent shrink; otherwise you would have been cured.

  2. As much as I really do not listen to your show as you are in the same time slot as Newsmax Greg Kelly (lol!) I support you 100% in your efforts. I was born and raised in Borough Park and understand quite well the rage boiling over. For months it’s been crickets about the dumb state and local leaders (i.e bozo the clown and the killer king governor) putting in these lockdowns and we, as sheeple had to follow along. So, finally, I was very happy to see that you drew us out to show we are fed up with the incompetence, the lies, etc. Calling you a “moiser” is quite odd. You really care about us and truly appreciate your efforts.

    • Matzav, please stop giving this guy attention, the people with saychel hayashar here are not interested, and he is a dangerous presence to the hamon am – he is against das Torah, has no rabbonim endorsing him, and he is stirring up deep re-sent from the goyim of america, let’s not forget that pogroms where a part of our history until less than a hundred years ago! Wake up guys this is no game. I know bp but let’s not forget that if a few goyim should decide they’ve had enough of he jewish desease… we do not want blood on our hands because we provoked goyim. Shame this guy because he is putting us all at risk, chv. May he do tshuva soon
      He is NOT another pinchas, he is a bar kochba.

    • 3:49pm, and you are not an “embarrassment to the Jewish people” because you are erev rav and therefore not part of the Jewish people?!

  3. Who is Heshy’s Rav?

    Where does he daven?

    Does he represent דעת תורה, or דעת בעל הבית, היפך דעת תורה?

    מודה אני לפניך ה’ אלקי ואלקי אבותי שלא שמת חלקי מיושבי קרנות

    • 6:55pm, “שלא שמת חלקי בישבי קרנות”. A little hypocritical from someone who is mevatel Torah by typing-up loshon-hora comments on the internet. At least have a decency not to pretend to be better than another Yid.

      • Huh?

        Do you know Heshy? I have been following him for quite a while, not just since he opened some playgrounds.

        We must make it clear that he is not qualified to be a leader of Yidden.

        • 9:24am, other than such “trivial” things as your loshon hora, I admit I don’t know anything about the guy, other than he is fighting the socialist-fascist demonrats who want to destroy frum community in NY. You say “he doesn’t qualify to be a leader”; well, in my book, it is those that obediently shut-down shuls and yeshivos who don’t qualify to be leaders. Whatever it may or may not be about Heshy, he is the only one fighting the NY antireligion commie-fascists at this point in time. All our leaders should fight Cuomo, using civil disobedience if necessary, or resign.


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