Watch: Highlights of the South Carolina Democratic Debate in 5 Minutes

During the 10th Democratic presidential debate, Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders continued to be under attack by the other candidates. Watch highlights including Joe Biden’s feistiest debate performance yet and Elizabeth Warren taking on Bloomberg.


  1. “I caught the swamp. I caught them all.” President Trump said in Nov 2019. These candidates are precisely whom he was referring to. I highly doubt any of these clones will continue their debates much longer and doubt that there will be anyone from the Democratic party to run against President Trump in Nov. The next Presidential Election will therefore be in Nov 2024 with President Trump running for his second term.

  2. From all the performers on the stage, Klobuchar was the most idiotic and immature. She’s in way over her head. She doesn’t belong on that stage.

    • When you’re the only intelligent, true moderate, and experienced member of a group, all the others are seen as “normal” and you as insane, immature, extreme, etc.


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