Watch: Hikind is Having Election Issues with “Disgusting Candidates”

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With only three weeks left until the presidential election, Assemblyman Dov Hikind talks about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – who he calls “very, very horrible, horrible, disgusting candidates” – and why he’s hoping for a miracle.




  1. Is Mr Hikind a Torah true yidd? If so where is his fullfillment of the mitzvah of Bnei Jisroel to be a light among the nations, when he is not completly saying no to the immoral candidate. Mr Hikind does obviously not have the moral sense of saying: if I have to chose between a politican with a bad policy and a politican with a bad moral I will vote for the former. Why should that be? Because the commendment of being a light among the nations.
    AND it is easier to correct the affects of a bad policy than to correct the effects of immoralty
    A Gitten Freilichen Sickes!

  2. Dov,

    If Winston Churchill was running for President, today, in the age of Internet and Political Correctness (PC),
    would you vote for him? He was a crude, womanizing, foul-mouthed individual but he became the leader of his time. His country and the world needed a Winston Churchill at that time in history to defeat the nazi enemy and place his country back on a stable footing.

    Who to vote for?

    Hillary is a traitor. Hillary is a liar. Hillary is a crook. Hillary is not an option. Only an anti-American Idiot would vote for Hillary. She belongs in Prison.

    The other 2 political parties are worthless. Johnson is a dope and Stein is anti-American/anti-Israel.

    That leaves the crude, foul-mouthed, womanizer Donald Trump. He’s no Winston Churchill but he’s all we have at this time to, as he says, Make America Great Again. I’m sick and tired of 8 years of obama. I don’t want 4 more years of it or worse with Hillary. I am voting for Donald Trump.

  3. You better all make aliya now before it’s too late. This country is going down. With all your rites and freedoms taken away. This is not the free country it used to be.

    Save yourselves now and remove yourself from the destruction ahead before it’s too late

  4. i just have a few questions for mr hikind: he’s not voting for hillary because of all her nagatives and her negatives have been proven without a doubt (i.e. wikileaks disclosures) but why are you definitely also having your doubts about Mr Trump? all the negatives that you are relating to him you are getting from so called “disclosures” put out by none other than his opponents, the democrats (& the media). why are you so quick to assume that what you hear and read is factual. Trumps opponents will stop at nothing (even lying) to achieve their goals. don’t you see that? look, Mr Hikind, no one has “perfect” character (not even you or i). he’s not running for “pope”. he’s running to be in control to finally oust the corruption that’s been going on for far too long! don’t you see that?


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