Watch: Hikind to Clinton: ‘Sorry, Hillary, You’re Fired!’

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New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind released a video early this morning explaining why he could not support Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“It’s not just that [Clinton] supported the Iran Deal, but she takes great pride in being the architect” Assemblyman Hikind explained in the video. “She wants all of the credit in the world for this disastrous deal that supports Iran and its terrorist activities. Well Hillary, you get all the credit, and you are disqualified to me as a candidate because that is a horrible, disastrous deal for the world.”

Hikind then transitioned to Clinton’s resume, in particular, suggesting there wasn’t one area, during her tenure as Secretary of State, where she was successful.

“If you look at the situation with Gaddafi in Libya, that was a failure. If you look at the situation in Syria, you’re going to reset the button with the leader of Syria. Hillary called him a reformer! Now there are 400,000 civilians dead. You look at all of these examples, where is the success? Where have you been successful as Secretary of State.”

One thing I will give you credit for, directing his message toward Clinton, is your accumulated mileage traveling all over the world. In fact, I think you have the best record of any Secretary of State in terms of mileage accumulation. And your relationship with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? You are the official ‘yeller’ at Netanyahu, and you said it yourself on CNN. Is that why we should support you? Is that why we should vote for you? I can’t find one area where you were successful as Secretary of State.”

Hikind added: “Hillary Clinton getting elected as President of the United States also guarantees a radical leftist court, not an equally balanced one. That’s not what I want for my family, my community or for the American people. Hillary has been a failure. If you want another four years of the Obama administration, then your choice is a simple one. But if you recognize the dangerous situations that exist in the world, then Hillary Clinton is not an option. We need change. Sorry Hillary, you’re fired.”

Watch Hikind explain his position on why Hillary Clinton is not an option:



  1. His comments make total sense at a certain level except considering the alternative is a man who was a criminal egomaniac one can wonder now about Mr. Hikind being evaluated in his own voice.

    The idea of an ego maniac who is comparable to some of the worst in history makes absolutely no sense when Israel is not under attack yet there are special conditional feelings about how some of the people in office in America will deal with those issues that continue in the American-Israeli relationship.

    Still one does note that Mr. Hikind is in trust with some of our concerns as Jewish people.

    Curious if he is just a Trump supporter.

    Ghosts face ghosts.

  2. I will onto the list of failures and that was EGYPT… mubarak was a long time ally of the US. And he knew how to control muslim animals. When the opposition protested she was supporting them. What followed were killings and ISIS moving in. She took a good stable country and supported those that ruined it. It was disastrous judgement on her part. Egypt lost any bit of normalcy it once possessed.And she supported that.

  3. Neither of them are a good choice, and it’s up to the voters to choose the lesser of the two evils – because they are both evil in their own way. Hillary for her past, and Trump for what we assume he’ll do if he sits in the highest office.

  4. To # 3: Trump is an unknown and he COULD be a bad choice but in the same time he can be the BEST choice. He is a doer, pragmatic and has a vision.
    On the extreme opposite side of the spectrum, stands a lady who already proved herself but in a very negative ways. She have done absolutely nothing good for the country (while doing very well for her own pocket), She did so much damage! The fact that she isn’t taking responsibility for non and trying to cover everything up, gives the strong impression that she did everything intentionally – like her former boss – Obama. They both share extreme selfishness and it seems that they also share an obsessive agenda to sink America deeper and deeper.
    So – what’s your choice?

    • Do you even know what leadership is in America? I have a faith that G-d is mentioned by the rights of man. His presence is eternal.

      If you can aspire in a hard bet that a man of integrity based on gashmius love, hate speech, negative rhetoric and terror attacks on any voice and voter to disagree with his hate politics is in any way an aspiration of any hope for mankind, you do not know your siddur nor do you know Torah voice in any liberty for G-d.

      This is a very clear case that Hillary is worth the vote and she is intelligent enough to make a difference. She may not be able to stop every murderer that wants to attack America but she can advance the peace and write and speak for intelligent manner and worth.

      In all reality, I am clearly concerned with the hate determination of our current orthodox community that I have observed in any comment on matzav today. The sadness is either the men to comment are not in any sense either well involved in Torah and chesed or just that this matzav offers the power for the troll hate reality to find a place to make a note to the wise.

      Still, one must discuss Torah decree and human voice. This election is one man with a vision to break the enemy in terror and more transient trash talk and hate versus a careful woman who is learning from her experiences.

      I can not see Trump in any learning or orthodoxy and Hillary has been tested, tried and constantly in the earnest to prove she has values and assets for common worth.

      A good American story will indeed be the first woman to hold the highest office. She is well qualified.

      In any sense, Torah teaches us to value human integrity and right speech. Hillary is religious about her vote and she is religious about her faith in human thought.

      If she is not humane to the safety of our nation, I have not in any sense noted that to be a scared feeling I have. I fear the hate in the market place and the terror in the new republican politics.

      This is a terrible year of political non-compromise for hate. There is no excuse not to be in prayer and hope that Hashem has indeed been a good guide. If Hashem has any plan to have jews enjoy a Trump presidency, it might only be the daughter who is jewish who should not be in the front pages as the whole representation of Orthodox judaism. She is a convert and must have her privacy to learn her ways in a Torah community.

      In all sense, be a humane thought and discount your irregular thoughts of a world of war just to make the glass house more inaccessible to the world that must want to eventually want to break the glass ceiling.

      It makes no sense.

      We can support Hillary and have faith that G-d is a willing G-d to have a woman in charge of the greatest nation on earth.

      Seems right to me. I am quite sure that G-d will let us atone if we are just foolish to elect a woman. I am not sure G-d will let us atone for hate thoughts of terrible mind to damper the woman vote, destroy human integrity and dispel the worth of good worry just to make the winning vote a terrible consequence of fame to fear womanhood and woman rights in America.

      Is this America of the future or just a man’s world ready for the more and most lame voice in manhood to be the man of the future?

      It is not what any sane soul would want for a good faith in G-d.

      So I defer that you are among many who post on matzav with no charitable contribution to humor in this age and missing all of the right thought that this is an era of civil rights and not hate masochism to destroy the value of human voice and worth.

      Terror, but I think that Hillary is right. Human rights will triumph.

      Think Deborah. She did it in the bible. Hillary can do it Torah.

      And we are jews who know G-d is reasonable with the values we find right.

      G-d bless America. Hillary is our friend.


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