Watch: Hilarious “Herzl” Video at Kosel Goes Viral and Spawns Copycats

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An amusing video of a woman disturbing a TV broadcast has gone viral and has led to other people having a good time with it, creating their own copy-cat versions.

The incident took place during a recent broadcast at the Kosel in Yerushalayim. As the reporter speaks to the camera, an Israeli woman, clearly oblivious to the fact that she had stuck her face into a live TV broadcast, steps between the reporter and the camera and yells out, “Herzl,” apparently calling out to her grandson.

The reporter can’t hold back his laughter, and, finally, the woman realizes her gaffe and laughs.

But the damage was done, so to speak.

And a good time was had by all.

The reporter finished his broadcast, so he did not have a chance to track down the woman, and, as of now, her identity is unknown.

Here is the original video:

The fun continued as others, around the world, including many in the frum community, created brief clips mimicking the now infamous “Herzl woman.” collected a number of the spin-offs for your amusement.


Here is a Channel 13 report on the saga:

הרצל או אסתר? הסיפור האמיתי

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Matzav, seriously?!?! Empty letzanus on someone else’s cheshbon. You should be better than this. And for all chachmim that’s will scream chill, I want to know if you would all be chilled if this was your mother being smeared all over the world for innocent mistake. Shame!

  2. Hey! What happened to miskabed miklon chaveiro? This women could be our mother wife or daughter. Stop stepping on her blood. A yid has to think before he jumps on the bandwagon of whatever is trending. Please pull this clip!

  3. What a great middos lesson to teach our children: Yidden should always make fun of and mock each other.
    The lack of kavod for the Kotel exhibited by those making copycat videos is appalling and distressing.
    The fact that so called “frum” people think the videos are hilarious is disgraceful and disturbing.
    The goyishe world lost its moral compass and now it seems we’re losing our sense of right and wrong too. Oy meh haya lanu.

  4. Poor lady .
    Trying to get her Husband/Son/Brother/Friends attention in one of the busiest areas of the world where there are always video cameras
    Simple Lady and now she is being made fun of all over the world
    I am not sure who the kavod habriyos police of this website is but they seem to be on vacation
    For Shame

  5. I’m glad Matzav, who purports to be a Torah site, is enjoying making fun of someone. Such great midos. Thank you. And then you little kinderlach have the audacity to censor & manipulate our comments.

  6. Had Herzl’s plan to make the Zionist’s homeland in Uganda been implemented, she wouldn’t have been ridiculed there because most likely most of them would have had a relative named after their G-dless leader.

  7. I am talking to you Matzav and your editors who have a habit of censoring dialogue and commentary about important topics that you disagree with, yet here you have no shame and no compunction about joining in with the mob to mock another innocent human being for their looks and demeanor. This is retzicha and at the very least Ain Lo chelek Leolam Haba, and according to some rishonim it is Yeharog Vaal Yaavor.
    It is obvious that this woman needs dental work and that is what many of the videos are making fun of. I think if you have any hope of doing Tshuva you need to raise money for this woman so she can get the best quality dental implants and you better hope that her health will allow it and that she will grant you mechila. Shame on you.

  8. +1000000000000000000000 to all the comments saying how pathetic it is to be making fun of people.
    The saddest part of all though is how people find those videos entertaining or amusing- they are the most moronic, unimaginative, and pathetic videos I have ever viewed.

    • I’m sure you can say “lighten up” with facility and ease, since you are not the topic of ridicule. Imagine this lady’s poor children and grandchildren. Do you think she’ll ever regarner their respect and honor? When another Jews honor is at stake, there is no room to “lighten up”. Matzah, מחילה, but I believe a public apology to this poor lady is due. Do not condone such behavior. This is the only news site I frequent and only do so because I believe Matzav runs its website based on the values of Torah. Unacceptable

  9. So when I wrote a comment yesterday that someone threatened to blow up the White House, you little babies censored me and took out her name. I guess you little immature kids… yet, I see you have no problem showing a video of a lady exposed just to make fun of the original lady in the video. Way to go hypocrites!

  10. To all the heilige tzadikim posters, little question: at what stage did you decide that you have to see no more, realised your above shared conclusions on the matter, and actually stopped watching?

    • Actually, the video itself was a mistake. The lady laughed herself. That can happen to anyone, but to turn it into parody and post all of the “copycats” personally mocking her is very lowly and disrespectful.

  11. what happen with klal yisroel? המבזה את חבירו אין לו חלק לעולם הבא!!
    shame MATZAV to post this

  12. The simple reason why Matzav chose to ridicule this innocent women is because she is not religious. Rest assured if it was a religious women they would be up in arms at any attempt to ridicule her. Talk about a double standard

  13. If everyone really believes it’s wrong and matzav is still posting it then we should not look at this site anymore.

  14. She did not laugh at herself she just walked away. Done of the copycats are benign but some are just mean and very untziusdik. They should have no place on a Friday website

  15. Poor woman, She became a laughing stock by all you insensitive people out there. One who embarrasses someone is considered as if he murdered him.

  16. Shame on you Matzav. Very low. Especially as we near the 3 weeks, and tisha b’av, this is the time for introspection in our bein adam lechaveiro.
    ”Kol Hamalbin Pnei Chaveiro Barabim, Ein Lo Chelek La’olam Haba”

  17. Look how many comments you this has drawn. Make no mistake people , attracting people to their site, selling more magazines, etc. is the focus of even so called Frum media outlets. Everything else takes a backseat

  18. I’d like to add to all the above that a message followed on social media I believe from one of her kids saying this woman had a name and was a real person and Hertzl is her young grandson she was looking for.
    Matzav after all the previous comments the fact you didn’t remove this video clearly shows where you stand. The more discussion it causes the better. Is that really all you care about ?!? What a shame. You should change your slogan in that case. I come to you hoping to find “kosher” worthy news not to be part of such grave aveirot. Please do teshuva and put yourself serious gedarim for your sake and all those who visit your site.

    • Why, because her hair is uncovered? Most of my married female neighbors leave more than an erva of hair sticking out of their shinell snoods. So going around with hair uncovered makes one a goy?

  19. Oh, please. You’re all a bunch of sticks-in-the-mud and wet blankets. What’s wrong with mocking an elderly woman’s voice, dental condition or anything else? So what if you’re supposed to be rachmonim, bayshonim, and gomlei chasodim – get rid of the “rachmonim” part and you can still cover two out of the three gontz fein. I’m proud of you for having a sense of humor. Keep it up – life is tough and we all need a little laugh.

    In amusement,
    Your good friend,
    Y. Horah

  20. It’s a disgrace that this disgusting video hasn’t been taken down yet.
    Thank you for unequivocally proving the truth of what the rabbanim have been saying all along: There’s no such thing as a kosher website.


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