Watch: Hilarious Video Tweeted By President Trump

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    • What do you want to bring out with this Twitter?

      • The editor posted something that is fake. The twitter post is Trump speaking and reading the same script everyday at his briefing. Pushing his false y eferysay and the reporters just sit there. He takes questions from oann that he knows in advance so he can rail at the people trying to hold him accountable and when ever he gets a real question he runs like a coward. He is the president of the US and he is busy tweeting garbage.

    • Where’s your outcry on doctors and nurses in the US, England and other countries INCLUDING Israel who murdered patients? FYI, not 1 person was killed by President Trump, Where do you come up with such a convoluted death number?

      • That is a lot to cover. Stop with what aboutism. Visit a cemetary, you sound like the germans and polish “citizens” that said they didn’t know anything about the camps down the road, the smell of burning flesh? Didn’t smell anything. You are right about the number, it is likely higher. When leiby kletzky died there was a double rainow over central park, after a day of horrible death count from covid 19 there was a double rainow y elmhurst hospital. I know we are in golus and hashem keeps sending us tragedies to shake us up to do teshuvah. The four years of Trump is all part of it and the insane embrace of a man like Trump only serves to proong the heartache. I can only hope that we are at the end of our punishment, and the yeshuah will begin wit voting him out. Somehow the country has to figure out a way to prevent his corruption and the oncoming voting scandal. I hope his people don’t continue to destroy papers like they did at the EPA. Look what is going on in the world the storms, Belarus, killer bees, and so much death…..May hashem protect and have rachmanos on the fools…May the truth and reality find its way to your mind and heart…

  1. On one hand, according to Trump supporters and editors of Matzav Joe Biden is old and senile (something that was clearly not evident when he spoke yesterday) well shouldn’t that mean he is off limits for mockery. Respect for elders and ill people., oh contrair, you all think it us ok to make fun of him. Your chesbon what you promote and say is ok to laugh it. SAD


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