Watch: Hillary Clinton Claims 2016 Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her

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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is apparently still not over her 2016 loss to Donald Trump; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’



  1. Horsey horsey. She is rank in want for anything other than a simple world. Thank her for just spending a ton on clothing. Never an outfit twice. We surely do not need a someone so gold woman to spend the whole future with wardrobe for peace initiatives. We are human beings.

  2. Jill Stein is the one who immediately started with the recount shout, as soon as President Trump won the election. Hillary was initially willing to accept defeat, but when Jill Stein started shouting and the corrupt media backed her, Hillary got a 2nd wind and was back in.

    • Hillary is not the tzedeikes you make her out to be, She is an evil woman and she together with her husband are a pox on America.


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